Survey Overview

Mode: Telephone (CATI)

Wave Survey dates Survey sample
1 April – May 2013 General population: 2020
2 May – June 2015 Western Australia: 600
Alcohol Environment Protocol

A partial AEP has been completed (time period Oct 2014)

Alcohol Policy Currently In Place
  • Excise tax on beer and spirits (excise is indexed to CPI every six months)
  • Legal minimum purchase age of 18
  • Licensing system restricting location, density, hours, and days of trade (This varied markedly from state to state. There are no “day of trade” restrictions, and the hours of trade are increasingly unrestricted in some states. The licensing system has very little impact on location or density of outlets.)
  • Prohibition of sale of alcohol at petrol stations
  • Illegal to sell to intoxicated persons
  • Restriction of sale at specific events
  • Legal blood alcohol concentration maximum while driving a vehicle of 0.05% for adults
  • Zero tolerance for drink-driving for youth and professional drivers
  • Legally enforced regulation on alcohol advertising (The advertising restrictions in Australia are a mix of legally enforced, e.g. for hours when TV ads can be shown, and self-regulated, e.g. for advertising content)
  • Legally enforced regulation on sales promotions
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