Saint Kitts and Nevis


Survey Overview

Mode: Face-to-face assisted by a tablet

Wave Survey dates Survey sample
1 November 2014 РJanuary 2016  1389

Alcohol Environment Protocol

An AEP has been completed (time period March 2013)

Alcohol Policy Currently In Place

  • Legal minimum purchase age of 18
  • Licences required to sell alcohol
  • Restriction of sale at specific events
  • Illegal to sell to intoxicated persons
  • Legal blood alcohol concentration maximum while driving a vehicle of 0.08%.
  • Blood and urine tests for suspected drunk drivers.
  • Imported beers, wines and spirits are subjected to the following taxes; custom’s service charge, alcohol duty (up to 50%), excise duty and VAT
  • 1.136 litres of wine and spirits can be brought to the island
  • Travellers 21 years of age and older can bring up to two litres of alcohol as long as it was made in a Caribbean Basin Initiative country
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Partner Institutions
  • Ministry of Health and National Council on Drug Abuse Prevention
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