Past Meetings

Melbourne, Australia – 2017

2017 International IAC meeting

Sheffield, England – 2017
Sheffield, 2017

2017 International IAC meeting

Stockholm, Sweden – 2016
KBS resize

2016 International IAC meeting

Auckland, New Zealand – 2016
Auckland, 2016

International IAC Data Analysis Workshop

Edinburgh, Scotland – 2015



2015 International IAC meeting

An IAC meeting was held 30–31 May 2015 in Munich, Germany.

Torino, Italy – 2014

Torino2014-480px 2014 International IAC meeting.

Kampala, Uganda – 2013

Kampala2013-480px 2013 International IAC meeting.

Seoul, South Korea – October 2012

Korea2012-480px IAC Working meeting held in conjunction with the Korean Society of Alcohol Science International Conference.

Stavanger, Norway – June 2012

Norway2012.3-480px IAC working meeting held in association with KBS annual meeting. Norway2012.2-480px Norway2012.1-480px

Bangkok, Thailand – February 2012

Thailand2012-480px Held in association with the Global Alcohol Policy Conference.

Auckland, New Zealand – November 2011

Auckland2011-480px New participants from Mongolia meet with IAC researchers from Thailand, Korea and New Zealand.

Stirling, Scotland – July 2010

Stirling2010-480px Initial meeting held to develop IAC survey framework.