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Survey Overview

Mode: Telephone (CATI)

Wave Survey dates Survey sample
1 June – October 2011 General population: 2014
Māori: 944
Pacific Island: 784
1 September – December 2012 Youth: 850
2 August – October 2013 Longitudinal: 1503
Replenishment: 573
2 September – November 2014 General population: 2010
Youth: 848
3 September 2015 –January 2016 Longitudinal: 1609
Replenishment: 657
Youth: 907
Alcohol Environment Protocol

An AEP has been completed that covers the time period Jan – Dec 2013

A second AEP was completed in 2016.

Alcohol Policy Currently In Place
  • Excise tax on beer, wine, and spirits (indexed to CPI every 12 months)*
  • Legal minimum purchase age of 18
  • Illegal to supply alcohol to a minor without express consent of parent or guardian
  • Licensing system which imposes conditions on premises selling alcohol including restricting hours of trade; licences must comply with local alcohol policies where implemented (not yet in force)
  • Restriction of sale at specific events
  • Prohibition of sale of alcohol at petrol stations
  • Illegal to sell alcohol to intoxicated persons
  • Legal blood alcohol concentration maximum while driving a vehicle of 0.05% for adults and 0% for youth
  • Illegal to offer alcohol as a prize in sales promotion schemes
  • Illegal, in the course of business, to encourage excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Illegal to promote alcohol in a way that leads people to believe it is 25% less than ordinary price
  • Illegal to offer prizes on the condition that alcohol is bought
  • No regulation restricting marketing in print media, no regulation on sponsorship

*Excise duty in New Zealand is charged in bands. These are based on ABV content and are at 2.5%, 6%, 9% and 14%. Previously there was a further point at 23%.

Beer (above 2.5% ABV) is charged at $27.608 per litre of alcohol.

Wine (unfortified i.e. below 14% ABV) is charged at $2.7609 per litre of beverage. A litre of wine at 13% ABV will therefore be taxed at a rate of $21.24 per litre of alcohol.

Spirits are charged at $50.284 per litre of alcohol if above 14% ABV. If they have the same strength as beer (below 6%) they are taxed as beer. If between 6-9% they are taxed at $2.2086 per litre of beverage (equivalent to $24.54 per litre alcohol); if between 9-14%, they are taxed as wine.

There is therefore a tax advantage to buying alcohol in wine.

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